Biennium 2012-2014

Zonta International 17th District 17 Conference

Last September 17-19, 2013, Mira Hotel in Hong Kong was the venue for the 17th Seventy-one (71) clubs from District 17, coming from five countries, namely, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong , Thailand and Malaysia, met in a spirit of friendship and camaraderie, but on a more serious vein, tackling issues on violence against women and children.

With the Hong Kong clubs as host, no stone was left unturned to make the event well organized in terms of food, entertainment,and program. The three workshops had effective speakers and facilitators.


Dangoyngoy sa Kahilum (Silent Cries of the Abused): A series of fora on VAWC issues

“Dangoyngoy sa Kahilum Forum” 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th part (“Silent Cries of the Abused”) is a continuing series of Awareness and Empowering Lectures/Workshops, done quarterly to targetted sectors to raise awareness and to empower them to address issues of concern in their scope of responsibility and environment. Invited speakers who are experts in their fields educate first and address questions in an open forum. Venues are chosen selectively to provide conducive learning. Because of the good feedback, participants clamor for more forums as they are able to extract information not avaialble in their line of work.



Visit to Vice Governor Agnes Magpale to thank her for sponsoring Cebu Provincial Resolution No. 1004-2013 recognizing the club's efforts towards putting an end to violence against women and commending Zonta club of Cebu II for its advocacy.


Donation to the Bonita Home for Girls

Donations to the Bonita Home for Girls, a shelter run by the Franciscan Sisters for the Sacred Hearts for victims of incest, the abused and those categorized as "high risk".


Donations to the Victims of Disaster-Stricken Areas


R.A. 9262

R.A. 9262 An Act defining violence against women and their children, providing for protective measures for victims, prescriving penalties therefore, and for other purposes.

This project aims to provide all GAD Focal Desks located accros Cebbu City's eighty(80) barangays with a hardbound manual explaining the pertinent provisions of R.A. 9262 in English and Cebuano.

“Alimbukad: Basa Pamilya” a Family Literacy Project

Educational Excellence through Parental Engagement
July 16, 2013

The project, called “Alimbukad: Basa Pamilya,” is a series of twelve weekly workshops conceived by Zonta Club of Cebu II for the benefit of underprivileged families with pre-school children in target barangays in an effort to boost the literacy rate in these communities.

It is mainly empowering parents to become reading and learning advocates by developing their reading and tutoring skills for them to take leadership in their children’s studies.


Courtesy Visit to Cebu City’s Committee Chairperson on Women and Family

Zonta Pres Myrna Tan with Zontians Marilou Canizares and Wi Suan Tiu paid a courtesy visit to City Councilor Lea Japson to congratulate her for her local polls victory as Cebu City Councilor.

Hon Japson is the Committee Chairperson on Women and Family and also heads the Committee on Health. She has been supportive of Zonta’s Dist 17 objectives in empowering women and is an ardent anti VAWC advocate.


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