Z and Golden Z Club Program

The Z and Golden Z Club program is one of Zonta International’s service projects which provides opportunities for the youth to develop leadership skills, explore career alternatives, and improve international understanding through service projects.

The Z Club is organized on the high school campus, and its members are composed of students from the four levels.

The Golden Z Club is composed of students at the college level, organized on the college, or university campus.

Z Club of Childlink High School

Chartered: November 8, 2013

The young advocates of Childlink High School have tackled such topics as Gender Equality, Anti-cyberbullying, Say NO to Teenage Pregnancy, and End Child Marriage, thus creating awareness about counterproductive experiences of children and  adolescents in the community, at home and in the school.

Officers 2020-2021

President: Joshua Chua
Vice President: Steven Prince Go
Secretary: Jamela  Aranduque
Treasurer: Joseph Chua

Officers 2021-2022

President: Anton Enrique Rentuza
Vice President: Dexie Bernice Estrella
Secretary: Eugenie Villamor