Lourdes Jereza

Term:  1996 – 1998

I. Community-Based Project:
Site: Tipolo, Mandaue City, Cebu

Community organizing among women to form Women Cooperative

  • Leadership Training, Team Building, Empowerment, GST
  • Enrichment of Sewing Skills

Women Livelihood in Sewing:

  • A receipt of 4 Sewing Machines from Haarlemmermeer
  • Receipt of clothing remnants for shoe bag, caps, christmas décor, rugs from Hawaii

Target Clients: Unemployed Women

Impact: 80 women were able to earn a living thru sewing for the next 5 years.

II. Sectoral-Based Project:
Site: Cebu City Health Department

  • Day Care/Minding Center at Crying Room and Extra Caring Hand for Education (CRECHE) located at Cebu City Health Office. Children of CSW who undergoes weekly pop-smear leave their 2 to 4 year-old at CRECHE. USPF practicum teacher handles the developmental and educational skills of each child.

Target Clients: Playgroup boys and girls

Impact: 100 playgroup boys and girls were taught basic ABC, Drawing, Music and Arts.

  • Site: Cebu City Health Department
  • Women Empowerment among Night Entertainers
  • Serialized Training on:
    • Personality Development
    • Self-knowledge and Understanding Others
    • STD/HIV AIDS Education and Prevention Seminar
    • Economic and Resource Mobilization Training
    • Creation of Social Health Educators Association of Cebu (SHEAC) that monitors the Health and Wellness of night entertainers till present.

Target Clients: Night Entertainers


  • A total of 1,000 entertainers per week learned how to negotiate with customers and became advocates in the prevention of STD/HIV AIDS. SHEAC currently is a member of the Cebu City Aids Council till present.
  • Zonta Club of Cebu II members have transcended to become sensible to the needs of this women sector who are high risk of HIV Aids as well as adopted the CRECHE as the pleasant environment that secures a child from becoming an entertainer in the future.

III. Zonta Club of Cebu II as the Host of 9th Area 7 District Conference at Cebu Plaza Hotel, November 6-8, 1997

A 3-day conference was hosted by Zonta of Cebu II with all the districts present. The election process was obsere3d with congeniality with strict adherence to the by-laws.

Impact: Lesson-Learned on the Processes have inculcated the value of fair play among the members and competence to manage a district conference.