Dist-17 Conference Workshop Facilitators

At the 2011 District 17 Conference held at the Sofitel Hotel in Manila, the District Governor requested the Zonta Club of Cebu II (ZCC2) to conceptualize a workshop akin to the one conducted during the 2010 Area 3  Meeting ( held in Cebu City) on the topic “Servant Leadership”.

ZCC2 Director, Odette Jereza designed an active, creative and participative workshop where three groups interpreted the theme “Zontians as Servant Leaders” through art via a collage, crafts via a quilt,  and through song and dance.

The Zontians participated, created, innovated and visualized — but more importantly, had fun and came up with inventive, artful and ingenuous interpretations of Zontians as Servant Leaders.  The out-of-the-box fun-filled workshops invited participation by many including Past District Governors, Dandy Gomez and Narudee Kiengsiri.