Barangay Alang-alang Livelihood Training

October 6, 2012  – The Induction of New Members and Officers of  Kapunongan sa Kababayen-an  para sa Kaugmaon sa Katilingban sa Alang-Alang (Barangay Alang-alang 4 K) took place during the monthly  General  Membership Meeting held at the Oyster Bay Restaurant, Plaridel Street, Mandaue City. Each member was given a token consisting of an Apron and Hairnet courtesy of Zontians Elsa Basubas and Mildred Simolde. The officers took their oath before Barangay Captain Mylene Sanchez. Also in attendance aside from the Zontians were Barangay Councilor Edna Escarda, Committee Chairman on Women and Children Concerns and Barangay Councilor Wendel Suico, Chairman on Livelihood and Health concerns.

October 13, 2012 – The first Livelihood Seminar on cooking was ably conducted by a chef from TESDA, Chef Flor Solomon assisted by her husband Chef Ben Hur Solomon. There was a hands-on demonstration on popular Filipino snack items like siomai, empanada, and puto cheese and puto cuchinta. The whole seminar was facilitated and coordinated through Zontian Marilou Canizares. In attendance to also witness the cooking seminar were Zontians Marilou Canizares, Elsa Basubas, Club President Myrna Tan and Zontian Mildred Simolde. The women were very grateful to Zonta for the knowledge they acquired and which will be useful in upgrading themselves especially towards their future dream of having a profitable livelihood. .They were very enthusiastic during the whole day seminar as they themselves provided some icebreakers and finally received their certificates of attendance with much pride and joy.

November 10, 2012 – As agreed by the group, this day saw the women engaged in another cooking. This time the women were taught how to make dishes which could be used as regular meals.  Again   TESDA Chefs BenHur and Flor Solomon were there to demonstrate how to prepare Humba, Pancit Canton and Lasagna. The women were very enthusiastic to learn these dishes in preparation for their aim in being able to do some group catering and prove to the community that they are capable of going into little business in order to augment family income. The women were inspired by the presence of Barangay Kagawads Edna Escarda and Wendel Suico. Zontians supporting the 4K women especially with their presence were Zontians Marilou Canizares, Elsa Basubas & Mildred Simolde.