Massage Training for Marginalized Women and Survivors of Rape and Abuse

The Club organized a massage training workshop in response to the request of members of the marginalized women sector, and survivors of rape and abuse for livelihood training. The workshop was conducted over the course of two days at the Pink Center of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital from March 20 to 21, 2013.  TESDA specialists taught 45 participants the basic skills and techniques associated with massage styles such as Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Reflexology, as well as traditional “Hilot” and “Pisil” methods.

Kits consisting of a white, gartered cap, mask, ballpen, notebook, instruction sheets, alcohol, towelette, bottled water and massage oil were distributed to the participants. Lunch and snacks were served daily.

After two full days of training, the participants were caught smiling broadly on camera with Zontians Mildred Simolde, WCFC Coordinator Marilou Canizares and President Myrna Tan — the result of a satisfying learning experience which will hopefully lead them to a new career.