Advocacy – Interlink Activities in Response to VAWC

ZONTA CLUB OF CEBU II continuously conducts Seminar Workshops identified by the Service providers and the Community advocates, in order to address the need of our expanding services. We started the Dangoyngoy Sa Kahilum (CRY FOR HELP) Series…. On it’s Part 6” – Bridging the Gaps in the Handling of VAWC Cases to 250 Police Women Desk Officers in the Province of Cebu and GAD Focals of Cebu City and barangay officials with the theme : “I AM PART OF BREAKING THE SILENCE”.

The objective: is to orient the service providers, Media Personnel, Lawyers, on protocols and procedures in assisting victims of abuse, to develop a well – informed, competent , and sensitized service providers. The keynote speaker is the Vice- Governor of the Province of Cebu Hon. Agnes A. Magpale, Chairperson of the Women and Children Committee.

Total number of participants 400.

This activity has drafted 4 resolutions:

  1. Right to Privacy VS Public Interest “Although we ( Philippine National Police ) are transparent to media, there should always be balance between a person’s right to privacy and the right of the public to be informed (public interests)”.- Media plays an important role in protecting the victim and alleged perpetrator from public ridicule and biased publicity.
    – Media is a partner in governance and serves as check and balance.
  2. Improved Police coordination / Barangay advocates“Whereas, it is hereby resolved that the issue on coordination between Barangay and Police must be revisited in order to expedite the procedural flow of VAWC cases.
  3. Discussing capacity building support through extensive trainings and handling VAWC.“Be it resolved that all Barangay Officials, workers, and members of the Police force shall undergo trainings, seminars, workshops, in proper handling of VAWC cases. (Reference: RA 9262)
  4. Be it resolved that Zonta Club of Cebu II adopt a project that will enhance the confidentiality and Privacy of Victims in Police Stations titled Zonta “Screen Protect”.
    As a Result of the Dangoyngoy Series Part 6 , resolution # 4: Zonta Club Cebu II customized a divider to assure privacy and confidentiality for initial investigation of VAWC victims in every municipality in the Province of Cebu and Cebu City.