Search for Leadership Excellence Award

Six schools have been invited to submit three nominees among their academically outstanding female students, as candidates for the Zonta II Search for Leadership Excellence, academic year 2014 – 2015.These schools are: (1) Childlink Learning School and Childlink High School, (2) University of Southern Philippines Foundation, Mabini Campus (3) USPF Lahug Campus, (4) University of the Philippines Cebu , (5) Cebu Institute of Technology University, and (6) Mandaue City Science High School.

Six winners, one from each school, will receive the medal during the high school graduation ceremony, to be awarded by two Zonta members who will attend the high school graduation of each institution.

The objectives of the Search for Leadership Excellence are: (As envisioned by the late Zn. Cynthia Dagus)

  1. To highlight the leadership qualities among young women, so others may follow them.
  2. To know the meaning of the following qualities of an excellent woman leader: (a) caring (b) thrust worthy (c) diligent (d) gender sensitive (e) sincere.
  3. To foster a better understanding about the role of the young Filipino woman leader in the home, the school and the community.
  4. To raise the level of public awareness about Zonta’s advocacy to uplift, promote, empower, educate and advance the status of girls/women.

The committee members are:

  1. President Marietta P. Malinao
  2. Zn. Angelina L. Escano
  3. Zn. Cristina M. Garcia
  4. Zn. Grace Paras
  5. Zn. Vivien A. Seno
  6. Zn. Rosario D. Utzurrum
  7. Zn. Elena C. Young