Briefing on Banking Fraud, Club’s 2nd General Assembly

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept people mostly at home, including the Zontians and to keep safe from the dreaded virus, online banking and credit card transactions have been the most convenient way to purchase items be it for groceries, shopping or to pay the bills.

Yet, people read about cases of credit card fraud and unauthorized bank transactions. As we keep safe from the virus, we also need to keep safe online, thus Zonta Club of Cebu II invited the President of the Cebu Bankers Club and VP of RCBC, Romeo Comabig on September 5 to discuss about safety and security of online banking and credit card transactions.

Comabig who has been lecturing about bank fraud presented the key safety features of credit cards and ATM cards and how best to avoid fraud in making online and credit card transactions that equipped the Zontian ladies to be oriented on the need to have strong passwords and to avoid replying to unknown emails that ask for bank account numbers and other details.

Right after the lecture, the 2nd General Membership immediately followed with Honorary Member Dr. Rhodora Bucoy who discussed the Gendered Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Her discussion centered on the impact of the pandemic on gender-based issues which opened ideas for future projects to eliminate gender biases and inequalities.

To cap the 2nd GMM, the September birthday celebrants were treated to a surprise.

Each of them received specially made Zonta birthday cakes and had to personally blow their birthday candles to complete the virtual celebration.

Though the pandemic has prevented physical gatherings and fellowship, certain innovations and adjustment had to be made to keep the bond of friendship and sisterhood.

“Who says you can’t celebrate milestones these days?” Zonta Club of Cebu II has just shown it can be done.