Tubô 2021 – Supporting Local Female Artists in Virtual Art Fair

Women artists have been marginalized for centuries. Gender bias is less overt today, but contemporary women artists still face many obstacles and disparities, as well as persistent underrepresentation in museum collections and exhibitions worldwide. The truth is that women have never been treated equally in the art world, and today they remain dramatically underrepresented and undervalued in museums, galleries, and auction houses. Galleries and collectors find greater value in work produced by men than that made by women. Male artists are still the default go-to for collecting by museums and the market.

Realizing that this gender disparity persists in the local art scene Zonta Club of Cebu II subsidized the registration fees of 15 female artists in TUBÒ, an affordable art fair organized by the Arts Council of Cebu that’s 4 years in the running but this time taken virtually. This support provided these emerging and professional artists an online exhibition space that enhanced public awareness and helped correct women’s limited access to commercial galleries. The opportunity to display their works of art online allowed them to showcase their work, market their pieces, expand their network and future exhibition opportunities and develop a following of collectors thus making their foray into the creative art viable and sustainable in the long run.

The mutually beneficial partnership with the Arts Council of Cebu paved the path for the coming generation of female artists and lead them into free-flowing exchange –through conversation, through art. This virtual gathering of female creatives promoted a culture of learning from colleagues in the art world,  luminaries, collectors and leaders — that theirs and our passions are fruitful; that the female vision, imagination, and principles can be monuments of great change.