Zonta Club of Cebu II provides Communication Boards for Covid-19 Patients

Zonta Club of Cebu II in collaboration with Mind Bloom, an organization composed of teachers and educators, reproduced and distributed 50 sets of communication boards to the different Health Centers and Hospitals in the City of Lapu-lapu, Cebu.

These communication boards are composed of pictures and illustrations which can be used by nurses and health care providers to communicate with COVID-19 patients who are unable to express and verbalize to their medical team how they feel or what they need to keep them comfortable.
Zonta II is hopeful that these boards will never be used by anyone, but it is imperative to look ahead to provide these when necessary to patients who may suffer the worst effects of the virus.

Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard ‘Ahong’ Chan together with City Legal Officer Atty. Allan James Sayson personally received the communication boards during the formal turn-over. Mayor Chan is delighted to have received such innovative ways of communicating to patients and expressed his utmost gratitude to Zonta Club of Cebu II.