Charting the Course: Zonta Club II of Cebu Strategic Planning Session for Biennium 2024-2026

The Zonta Club II of Cebu recently convened for a Strategic Planning Session for the Biennium 2024-2026 at Casino Español. Attended by the newly installed Board of Directors, selected committee heads, and their members, the session was a testament to the dedication and forward-thinking attitude of these Zontian women.

Despite the intensive nature of the session, lasting a total of 9 hours, there was never a dull moment as these remarkable women donned their thinking hats to design the framework for the upcoming biennium. The time spent was not just a blur of activity but a well-utilized period where strategies were formulated, and plans were meticulously crafted.

A special thank you was extended to Hal Atienza for his patience and brilliance as a facilitator, guiding the group through the strategic planning process. Zn Arni Wang was recognized as a gem for her invaluable contributions, while Zn Vivien Seno’s attention to detail was praised as unparalleled.

The Strategic Planning Session for Zonta Club II of Cebu was not just a meeting; it was a testament to the commitment and passion of these women to make a difference in their community. With the framework now in place, the club is poised to embark on the next biennium with clear goals and a solid plan of action.