Engaging Men and Boys as Allies in Ending Gender-based Violence

The forum “Engaging Men and Boys as Allies in Ending Gender-based Violence,” held at the Mahogany Hall, Oakridge Executive Lounge, sought to create, or intensify, the awareness of the participants on gender-based violence and change their mindset on women. The visible involvement of men, police officers, barangay officials, students from different universities, UC, USPF, UV, CIT-U and CATS, in various disciplines, such as social work, engineering, accountancy, and aeronautics, all getting into the protection of women campaign, could change the image of the male figure as protector, instead of perpetrator.

Two highly qualified lawyers were invited to provide inputs to further educate the men in the audience, Executive Judge Marlon Jay Moneva of the Regional Trial Court in Cebu City and Atty. Robert Jay Quitain.
Judge Moneva gave a detailed discussion of International laws, National laws and Republic Acts that provide protection for women regarding various violations pertaining to VAWC.

Atty. Quitain cited the need for men to be responsive to gender issues, using the acronym WOMAN. Wise estimate of oneself, Openness to a change of perspective, Maturity, Appreciative spirit, Nurturing presence.

The forum ended with a pledge, by all the participants, “to take action against violence and all forms of discrimination faced by women and girls”.